Mannequins Gone Awry

I was getting my hair done yesterday (Can I get an amen that I won’t have white trash roots for the fourth of July weened?) and next to my hair place they were putting in a new store.  While I was overjoyed with my hair I was deeply disturbed by the mannequins in the window of the store.

I had to take pictures.  It brought me back to a story at Family Classic Cars in San Juan Capistrano.  One of my clients wanted to set me up with this guy named Ray Drysdale that either owned the shop inside Classic Cars or was the manager (I don’t really remember).  When I was introduced to Ray he gave me a tour of the store.  I must say that it was the most extensive tour of such a small space I have ever been given, and I have never seen a man so passionate about little things, one of which included the mannequins.  “Have you ever seen such beautiful mannequins?” I remember Ray asking.  I remember thinking that he must secretly make love to the mannequins, and that it would probably never work, because I couldn’t handle being second place to a piece of plastic.

However, when I saw these mannequins next door to my hair salon I suddenly realized Ray’s passion for beautiful mannequins.  Once you see the scary ones that give you nightmares and make you never want to try on the clothes, you really appreciate the good-looking mannequins in life.  Sooooooo…..I hate to be responsible for giving anyone nightmares but mannequins gone awry can actually be very entertaining.  So I decided to post some, for the sake of entertainment.

Inappropriate Mannequins.  Please note that Ray’s mannequins are not sluts. 

Bad hair and poor accessorizing of mannequins.  Please note that Ray’s mannequins only wear Prada and did NOT have pink hair.

Mannequin with gold tooth.  Please note that Ray’s mannequins go to the dentist regularly and did not have a grill of any sort.

 Metrosexual Mannequins.  Please note that Ray’s mannequins are manly mannequins and are not at all confused about their sexual orientation.

 Porn Star Mannequin.  Please note that all of Ray’s mannequins are very classy and never go overboard on the plastic surgery.  No pun intended! 

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