San Diego Urban Dare Adventure Race Before the Madness

How long does it take to get to a fight?  I feel like it’s that stupid Tootsie Pop commercial where they ask how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.  It’s the unknown question but inevitably the first fight will happen in any relationship.  Currently I am in the 3 month honeymoon stage with the Swede.  I shouldn’t act like its nothing.  Things have been going wrong in the first three months in just about every other love interest of mine in the last two years. 

But in this one, things are magically delicious.  There have been no fights and no urge to say anything bitchy that would start one.  So, being the crazy person that I am, I have decided to put our sickening bliss to the test. 

Have you ever seen The Amazing Race?  Perfectly loving couples and family couples get downright mean to each other when they can’t complete tasks as fast as the other teammate wants them to.  The show has actually been the demise of several relationships.  If you want to see something really entertaining watch this clip from a couple that went on the show that was “Newly Dating”.  It’s pretty funny.  If this kind of stuff doesn’t cause a fight nothing will.  My favorite part of the clip is the floaties the girl wears. 

Well we are not going on The Amazing Race but we are doing the San Diego Urban Dare Adventure Race.  It is kind of a mini day version of The Amazing Race.  It is a fast-paced competition that challenges two-person teams to decipher clues, navigate the city, and perform playful stunts.

I have the feeling that we are either going to be a kick ass team, or this will lead to the breakdown in our character flaws and the honeymoon will be over.  He is an analytical engineer, and a Swede.  This means, he is a numbers guy, likes to plan things out meticulously and take his time.  Me on the other hand am quick, straight and to the point, and used to going a million miles an hour.  Combined it could either be the start of the winning team for the next Amazing Race, or it could be the start of World War III, when I don’t win.  Not that I’m a sore loser or anything. 

Part of the race is that you have to take pictures at each challenge.  So…..stay tuned for my blog after the weekend with pictures J


  1. Jason says:

    Cool vid! You should check out

    It’s like UD. Hope to see you in SD on 4/21.

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