Bachelor Pad 2

As if the Bachelor Pad 2 isn’t sleazy enough to keep one’s interest, I am spicing it up even more with a group of girlfriends, by adding a game of Fantasy Bachelor Pad to season two.  What is Fantasy Bachelor Pad you ask?  Well picture Fantasy Football for ladies.  We are keeping points on individual players, for plays. 

Here is how the point system is going to work:

  • Female Crying: 5 points
  • Male Crying: 20 Points
  • Questioning if another contestant is there for the right reason: 10 points
  • Saying: “I didn’t come here to make friends”: 10 points
  • One on One date: 10 points
  • Open mouth kissing: 5 points
  • Open mouth kissing with more than one person throughout the season: 20 points
  • Overnight date/ fantasy suite: 20 points
  • Getting busy under sheets: 25 points
  • Overnight date without hookup: -25 points
  • Verbal Fighting: 5 points
  • Cussing (bleeps): 5 points
  • Drink in face : 5 points
  • Obviously drunk: 5 points
  • Winning a challenge: 15 points
  • Winning show: 50 points

*Double points if any of the above happens in hot tub or helicopter.

Each participant must pick three players.  This makes it fun since it allows participants to stay in the game longer if they have a player illuminated.  So since I am sure you will be playing along at home and want the experts picks I thought I would give you the lowdown on who I picked and why.

Michelle Money

This was the crazy dominatrix girl that was on Brad’s season of the Bachelorette.  She was remembered for mysteriously having a black eye, and instilling an extreme fear in Jake.  Here’s why she is going to do well on the show:

She’s hot.  Men won’t want to vote her off simply because she’s nice eye candy.  Sure Gia is too, but she demonstrated on the last season that she is a dirty player and I hate to say it but she’s last season’s news, and been passed around by one too many bachelorette contestants. 

She’s crazy.  She’s not afraid to go to extremes such as personal injury.  If she can give herself a black eye what else is she capable of?  This bitch will stop at nothing. 

She has the sympathy vote.  When the show filmed her dad was sick with cancer.  This will win sympathy votes from both the men and the women….except maybe Jackie, which may pose a problem since this is my second pick.

Jackie Gordon

Jackie is also from Brad’s season.  She was the good girl that only had had one boyfriend.  Ding! Ding! Ding!  Reason numero uno that I think she will go far.  I think she has an inner slut waiting to get out, and I also think that the other girls in the bachelor pad are not going to suspect her sluttiness. 

I picture her being one of the smarter players, that no one votes off, since they don’t suspect her being a threat.  Kind of like Tenley from last season.  Stay tuned, and you will see me rack up the points for sluttiness and winning challenges.

Graham Bunn

Graham was from DeAnna’s season.  I don’t remember much about him, beside DeAnna falling for him hard, and then getting really mad at him.  This tells me that he has that Je ne sais quoi that makes women fall for him, and then they get really pissed when they realize he isn’t all that they built him up to be in their imagination 

Perfect for Bachelor Pad.  Not to mention that he has nice abs and the ladies seem to think he’s hot.  The final thing he has going for him is that he a New Yorker.  New Yorkers know how to play hard ball, and they are survivors.  Let’s have some of that drama served on those wash board abs please. 

Feel free to play along at home and e-mail me your score!

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