Record day for USC’s Matt Barkley and Robert Woods

Today was like Christmas for me…..why?  College football started, and this girl is in heaven!  However this Christmas day was like the one you thought you were getting a Barbie dream house, and instead you got the Tonka Truck.  Yes, it is still Christmas and still a great day, just not what you expected.

While there were several surprises and upsets on this first week, here’s the recap for the USC game….and of course this is from my point of view.  If you don’t like it, then I suggest you turn on your ESPN Zone, while my Tonka truck bulldozes my Terry Bradshaw bobble head.

USC took on the Minnesota Gophers.  I asked my facebook followers a few days ago, the top ten ways to kill a gopher; and apparently the only two players that read Bab’s Cliff Notes were Robert Woods and quarterback Matt Barkley.

A scared gopher after the 1st half

I will take a minute and commend these two.  You can’t complain much when not one but two USC records were set.  Woods caught a school record 17 passes while Barkley completed a school record 34 passes.  Bravo boys…. Now excuse me while I give a spit bath to the rest of the team along with our fearless visor wearing head coach.

Lane Kiffin: we know you’re the youngest head coach in both NFL and NCAA history, but you are not a teenager, so we really expect more than two minutes of action.  I was starting to think we were playing well, despite our failed 2 point conversions attempts on the first two scores.  However, the second half gave me awful flashbacks from last year, where we continuously fell apart in the second half.

USC didn’t score a single point in the second half….which is impressive, but did decide to get back in the game the last few minutes, and stop the Golden Gophers from taking the lead.

Next week SC takes on the Utah Utes at the Coliseum.

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