You can be a Winner at the Game of Babs


In case you haven't noticed it I am a very competitive person. I am 99.999999% sure the parental units are to blame for this one. Sorry Mom and Dad, but I think you missed the parenting class on giving A's for Effort. Anyways, typically, this competitiveness is a good thing, except when you start to take score against yourself because you have no one to compete with. So I know you were really bummed my Game of Life wasn't televised over the weekend, but here are the play by plays. Loss: Henna Tattoo gone bad My attempt of being funny fails miserably. If you missed last weeks post about Jennifer Anniston getting her dog's name tattooed on her foot, I was going to make fun of it by getting my dog's name put on my foot in Henna. I've never gotten a henna tattoo and didn't really know … [Read more...]

Be a Smart Slut


Happy Friday friends.  It's almost the holiday weekend.....Holla!!!!  So, I know you were beginning to think this site is all about me.  I have actually been accused of being very self-centered.  My half-brother even got me pj's for Christmas that say I LOVE ME.  I think it was his attempt of being funny, but I guess he didn't get the funny gene, because it was actually somewhat offensive.  Nothing like getting into the holiday spirit like bashing family members!  I think my brother would be overjoyed to hear that I am sitting in my I LOVE ME PJ's, about to write about something that can help women around the world.  Getting outside of myself.... So, I need to explain my thought process on what I am about to write about, so you don't think I'm a crazy person.  This is … [Read more...]