Pregnant Ladies Take Over Orange County

Maxine Swaddle

The” P” word! Very sad to say that this article is not about Penis but about pregnancy. I call it the “P” word because I really think that it is being used in a Loosey Goosey fashion lately. I just found out that the third girl in my close group of girlfriends in pregnant.  So…..whats a girl who's never been married and doesn't have kids to do when everything’s popping up babies in Orange County? Well, I have a few options: a) compensate for the prego ladies, or b) relate as best as I can c) joke about it. Compensate Sorry ladies. You can’t drink, you’re fat, you can’t travel, for the first time in your life you’re not excited to shop, and you now have to give up many of your favorite foods. Yup….it sucks. There’s no other way to say it. Time for me to … [Read more...]

Products to Like on Facebook


Why do I love holidays?  Friends: yes.  Family: yes.  Good food and beverages: yes.  But let’s not forget the fact that I get to catch up on sex, trash and fashion via Cosmo, US Weekly, and Teen Vogue (gotta get my Bieber Fever fix).  This is where I get my real education. Take, for example, an ad that I learned a great deal from.  I was flipping through one of my many magazines, that I read from front to back, when I came across an ad for KY Jelly.  Surprised that this would be in a magazine?  Not if you’re reading Cosmo.  This is actually one of the 'G' rated pages.  What WAS surprising was the little piece of the ad that said: “Make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook!” Oh dear.  I get the whole social media thing, I actually get a lot of business through social … [Read more...]