Jennifer Aniston Crazier than 5 Cat Lady


Dear Jen, I was always on your side.  When the home wrecker came in with the blood around her neck, and you maintained your good girl image I rooted for you.  You are the girl next door, with the rockin body, who has managed to nail some of Hollywood's hottest men.  So, of course I am going to side with you over the girl who kisses her brother, even if I do have lip envy.  I have always been on your side..... until now.  I am now questioning how sane you really are, and now think there may be a reason why you can nail those hot men, but you can't keep em.  That reason is that you just may be crazier than the cat lady with 5 cats.  I learned yesterday that you tattooed your late dog's name (Norman). on your foot.  I posted about this on Facebook to see if I was the only one … [Read more...]