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A recent study published by health psychology showed that those who are happy at work live longer than those who are not.  A study was done with 820 adults over a 20 year period at the same job and those with low social support at work were 2.4 times more likely to die during those two decades.  I know you are wondering when this turned into a science/ behavioral blog but stick with me.  While there are several external forces that can make your job suck ass, there is one way to make your job more fun, and that is with good old fashion practical jokes.  So....for those of you with no creativity or those down in the doldrums, I am offering you some things that I have done in the work place, to make it fun, and get some laughs. Please note....althought I am a woman, some of these … [Read more...]

Meaning of Poke on Facebook


Being the facebook queen that I am I often times have friends and family come to me expecting me to explain something to them about Facebook.  Well yesterday we had to go back to Facebook basics with a friend of mine that is slightly Facebook impaired. “What is a Poke?”  He asked.  Me:” Its something that is really annoying.  It is basically a person that wants attention and is saying: ‘Look at me.’” Him: “What does two pokes mean.” Me: “It means they want to screw you.” He didn’t believe me.  Sooooo……I decided to do a little research.  I went to my own wall and looked at all of my pokes.  Sure enough: 27 pokes; all from men.  And then, being the Regis Philbin lover that I am, I decided to “Poll the Audience.”  Here was the … [Read more...]

Products to Like on Facebook


Why do I love holidays?  Friends: yes.  Family: yes.  Good food and beverages: yes.  But let’s not forget the fact that I get to catch up on sex, trash and fashion via Cosmo, US Weekly, and Teen Vogue (gotta get my Bieber Fever fix).  This is where I get my real education. Take, for example, an ad that I learned a great deal from.  I was flipping through one of my many magazines, that I read from front to back, when I came across an ad for KY Jelly.  Surprised that this would be in a magazine?  Not if you’re reading Cosmo.  This is actually one of the 'G' rated pages.  What WAS surprising was the little piece of the ad that said: “Make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook!” Oh dear.  I get the whole social media thing, I actually get a lot of business through social … [Read more...]

Love Letters from Facebook

Big news.......I have found the man I have been searching for my whole life.  I am thoroughly excited to change my status on Facebook.  As soon as I read this love letter he wrote me via Facebook I just knew he was the one.  I have copied and pasted the letter for all of you non-believers out there who think true love may not exist.  The only thing I changed is his e-mail, so that I wont have jealous women trying to steal my little love muffin.  Enjoy the read!  Hello Dear , should i say you are a woman of substance or better still a God sent from above may be you might call it flattering i Am Bobby by name and have come to realize that true love can only come when you don't look for it,but that doesn't mean you should not say hello to a beautiful lady when you see … [Read more...]

Social Media Confessions for the Pope

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I was so excited to hear that Pope Benedict tweeted for the first time yesterday.  I was not excited because I am Catholic, or because I am a tech junkie, but because I truly believe that there are loads of people who need to confess their 'social media sins.'  Here is my list of the type of people who could really benefit from tweeting their confessions to the Pope: 1.  Men that seek out and friend only hot women on Facebook. Ok, it's no co-inkey-dink that the last 20 people it has shown you are friends with are female, big boobed, and usually half-naked. This is why it is completely appropriate to have your profile pic resemble a Cal Trans worker.  (See subject a)  I think these men need to confess pronto.  I'm on to … [Read more...]