Meaning of Poke on Facebook


Being the facebook queen that I am I often times have friends and family come to me expecting me to explain something to them about Facebook.  Well yesterday we had to go back to Facebook basics with a friend of mine that is slightly Facebook impaired. “What is a Poke?”  He asked.  Me:” Its something that is really annoying.  It is basically a person that wants attention and is saying: ‘Look at me.’” Him: “What does two pokes mean.” Me: “It means they want to screw you.” He didn’t believe me.  Sooooo……I decided to do a little research.  I went to my own wall and looked at all of my pokes.  Sure enough: 27 pokes; all from men.  And then, being the Regis Philbin lover that I am, I decided to “Poll the Audience.”  Here was the … [Read more...]

Ways to Pass Time During Carmageddon

Road Signs

Everyone is freaking out about Carmageddon.  With one day left to go I figured there are still a lot of people who may need some help in saving their sanity while on the road, and I’m really here to help the public, so decided to give you some suggestions to pass the time while sitting in the parking lot know as the 5 freeway.  You can repay me by writing threat notes to the state legislators about bringing the carpool sticker back for Prius’s so I don’t have to sit in traffic.  Get truckers to honk I know you all miss the days when you would put your arm up in an L shape and motion it up and down to get truckers to honk their fabulous deep horns.  I actually have to resist the urge to do this as an adult, but I think during Carmageddon all rules go out the window and it is … [Read more...]