Designer Umbrellas and more for Hurricane Irene

Light Up Umbrellas....for when its dark and wet (mind out of the gutter)

OK friends; I hate to talk about the weather, because I feel like only boring people who have nothing else to talk about discuss the weather.  However, in case you've been living under a rock our country is experiencing the terrible Hurricane Irene.  Which, as a side note....every time I hear about hurricane Irene, I want to start singing the "Come On Eileen" song, and insert Irene where Eileen is, which I know is totally messed up, but that's how my brain works.  Deal with it....or stop reading my blog.  Anyways, we are experiencing a true tragedy here in the United States, simply based on the fact that it really is hard to dress for a hurricane.  So let me do my good deed for the week and offer those living through Irene some fashion ideas, while I reside in the heat wave … [Read more...]