Mulligan’s for Mama’s


I am officially a golf lesson drop out for the umpteenth time and need to get back to my lessons.  I keep telling myself there are a million reasons why I need to learn to play, I take the lessons, but never actually get to the game.  Yesterday was the John Margolis golf tournament which is a tournament for the real estate industry in South Orange County.  Once again, I found myself not golfing….so as an attempt to motivate myself to actually get to a game I am writing the top reasons why women should golf. The clothes Is it strange that I envied The Girls Next Door when they put on their ‘sexy’ golf attire?  Golf attire goes beyond geekdom.  For any girl who missed the opportunity to go to Catholic school, this is your opportunity to put on an outfit, that is meant to be … [Read more...]

Punk’d for Dating


Have you ever been in a situation that is so absurd you think you must be getting “Punk'd”?  Or for the older crowd: have you ever felt like you might have been caught on an episode of Candid Camera?  Only to realize that you simply have attracted a certified nut case into your life.  Remember that saying: “Smile!  You’re on Candid Camera!!!”?  It’s all fun and games, until someone pokes their eye out.  Wait….that didn’t come out right.  It’s all fun and games until it happens in your dating life and you aren’t getting punked.  It’s actually simply a result of the pathetic pool of single people to choose from. I have come to the conclusion that I need to create a spinoff of Ashton Kutcher’s show that is about punking people on dates or in relationships.  … [Read more...]