San Diego Urban Dare Adventure Race Before the Madness

Urban Dare

How long does it take to get to a fight?  I feel like it’s that stupid Tootsie Pop commercial where they ask how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.  It’s the unknown question but inevitably the first fight will happen in any relationship.  Currently I am in the 3 month honeymoon stage with the Swede.  I shouldn’t act like its nothing.  Things have been going wrong in the first three months in just about every other love interest of mine in the last two years.  But in this one, things are magically delicious.  There have been no fights and no urge to say anything bitchy that would start one.  So, being the crazy person that I am, I have decided to put our sickening bliss to the test.  Have you ever seen The Amazing Race?  Perfectly loving … [Read more...]

Be a Smart Slut


Happy Friday friends.  It's almost the holiday weekend.....Holla!!!!  So, I know you were beginning to think this site is all about me.  I have actually been accused of being very self-centered.  My half-brother even got me pj's for Christmas that say I LOVE ME.  I think it was his attempt of being funny, but I guess he didn't get the funny gene, because it was actually somewhat offensive.  Nothing like getting into the holiday spirit like bashing family members!  I think my brother would be overjoyed to hear that I am sitting in my I LOVE ME PJ's, about to write about something that can help women around the world.  Getting outside of myself.... So, I need to explain my thought process on what I am about to write about, so you don't think I'm a crazy person.  This is … [Read more...]