Mulligan’s for Mama’s


I am officially a golf lesson drop out for the umpteenth time and need to get back to my lessons.  I keep telling myself there are a million reasons why I need to learn to play, I take the lessons, but never actually get to the game.  Yesterday was the John Margolis golf tournament which is a tournament for the real estate industry in South Orange County.  Once again, I found myself not golfing….so as an attempt to motivate myself to actually get to a game I am writing the top reasons why women should golf. The clothes Is it strange that I envied The Girls Next Door when they put on their ‘sexy’ golf attire?  Golf attire goes beyond geekdom.  For any girl who missed the opportunity to go to Catholic school, this is your opportunity to put on an outfit, that is meant to be … [Read more...]

Jennifer Aniston Crazier than 5 Cat Lady


Dear Jen, I was always on your side.  When the home wrecker came in with the blood around her neck, and you maintained your good girl image I rooted for you.  You are the girl next door, with the rockin body, who has managed to nail some of Hollywood's hottest men.  So, of course I am going to side with you over the girl who kisses her brother, even if I do have lip envy.  I have always been on your side..... until now.  I am now questioning how sane you really are, and now think there may be a reason why you can nail those hot men, but you can't keep em.  That reason is that you just may be crazier than the cat lady with 5 cats.  I learned yesterday that you tattooed your late dog's name (Norman). on your foot.  I posted about this on Facebook to see if I was the only one … [Read more...]